Vegan Foodie Gems on tour (toot toot!) – London Eats!

We arrived in a rainy London ready for lunch and made our way to the Deliciously Ella Deli on Weighhouse Street. I all of the Deliciously Ella cookbooks so I knew exactly what I expected from her deli – Fresh yet warming dishes and thankfully I was absolutely right. We had to wait a while for a table but that is to be expected on a busy Saturday afternoon but once seated food is super quick as all pre-cooked. I had a lovely Thai curry with brown rice and Mr Johnson had the bean chilli which came with slaw and cornbread.m

Despite our filling lunch, I cannot visit London without visiting Yorica!

This gem is not only fully vegan but also nut free (Mr.Johnson is allergic) so we can both go to town when choosing toppings for our Froyo and trust me we take full advantage. This time I went for marshmallows, pomegranate jelly hearts and brownie pieces but there are so many options to create your perfect froyo masterpiece.

We were staying in Shoreditch and were literally few minutes walking distance from Boxpark which boasts an array of independent food traders but one in particular intrigued me and that was “What the Pitta!” which makes vegan doner. Truth be told I’ve never had real doner meat as it looked vile and someone once told me it was a gazelle leg which I believed for years! Anyways, I ordered the doner and chips box with lots of salad, hummus and hot sauce and wolfed it down.

If vegan doner doesn’t appeal, Boxpark had other vegan options in the shape of Falafelicious and the super cool Cook Daily.

There is a fabulous sweet shop we stumbled upon pre-theatre on a previous trip called SugarSin, their back wall is floor to ceiling of pick and mix with vegan friendly options clearly marked with a bunny. We got a mix of usual suspects like fizzy strawberries alongside pineapple diamonds to munch while watching a movie in our hotel post cocktails.

On Sunday morning we had booked an early breakfast at Dishoom before jumping train to Alexandra Palace for Vegan Life Live. I have been to Dishoom in Edinburgh and the Shoreditch branch had the same chilled vibe and gorgeous scent from incense filling the air. We both opted for The Vegan Bombay – grilled field mushrooms, masala baked beans, grilled tomatoes, toast and a creamy avocado and mint chutney. If you are after a big hearty breakfast or a hangover curer this might not be the best option but I knew I wanted something lighter as I fully intended to eat my way around Vegan Life Live.

Vegan Life Live was full of amazing brands offering lots of tasty samples including some of my already favourites like hippeas, loving earth chocolate and Fry’s Family Foods. One newer brand that stood out was LoveSeitan so we decided to go along to cookery demo to watch co-founder Nick and his lovely wife Francis cook some up and talk about the versatility of seitan. The food court had a crazy amount of choice but I opted for One Planet Pizza as they were using LoveSeitan smokey flavour on their Hawaiian pizza which worked wonderfully with sweetness from the pineapple.

After the show we headed to Covent Garden to check out the newly opened byCHLOE. Walking in I was instantly impressed by the gorgeous interiors but not so impressed with the mayhem as people were not sure whether it was table or counter service and despite numerous members of staff standing around there was no clarity. We were lucky that Mr.Johnson could grab us a table while I placed our order of “fish” and chips, the guac burger and sweet pot fries. Essentially it is a plant based answer to a fast food burger chain in stylish surroundings.

If you are ever in Camden I would really recommend VBurger, we really enjoyed their Seitan Schnitzel burger on our last visit. I also often find myself drooling over Mooshies instagram page and the recently turned vegan Arancini Brothers burgers look amazing too!

If Mexican is more your thing you need to check out Club Mexicana for nachos and deep fried cheeze fries!

Where do you love to eat in London?

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Big loves,

Gems x

Ps. I promise to take better pictures in the future!

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