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Yo! It’s Monday, I’m in love!

Monday is not exactly the most popular day of the week but this week I made mine brighter by taking advantage of Blue Monday offer at Yo!Sushi. Every Monday you can choose from a range of dishes for just £2.80 each and there are plenty of vegan options.

The way Yo!Sushi works is you can choose plates straight from the conveyer belt or order from the menu if what you fancy doesn’t come around.

I am a green tea fiend so the fact you can order unlimited green tea for only £1.90 pleases me.

I also like to fill my boots with unlimited Miso soup (only £2.20).

Usually I like to pick on edamame while I ponder the menu but tonight we were super hungry so got stuck in straight away!

The Tofu Katsu curry was voted “Best Vegan Curry” by PETA but personally I prefer the Pumpkin Katsu for something a wee bit different. The crunchy pumpkin pieces are served with steamed rice and of course the delicious curry sauce.

I love noodles so I also had Vegetable Yakisoba; noodles in a tangy sauce with crunchy vegetables.

If you are more a rice person, you may want to try Vegetable Chahan where they stir fry the dish with chilli powder and sesame oil.

Other vegan options include Vegetable Gyoza and Vegetable tempura, I opted for the latter.

I’m afraid if you have a sweet tooth you may be disappointed as the only vegan dessert option is fruit and who goes out for a meal to finish with fruit?!?!

That aside a visit to Yo!Sushi on a Monday can fill your stomach without emptying the bank and that to me is a win.

Wishing you all a great week and make sure to follow my blog so you never miss a post as well as my Instagram for lots more food inspiration!

Big loves,

Gems x

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