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Lock In at Lush Spa!

Every August Edinburgh becomes stage to The Fringe Festival, a celebration of all things creative with thousands of shows covering every genre possible!

As fabulous as it is to wander the busy streets taking in street performers at every turn it can be a bit overwhelming so the idea of taking a moment of calm is very appealing.

Lush Spa Edinburgh can provide such bliss as they are opening (then swiftly closing) their doors every Friday and Saturday evening in August to host a lock in!

The lock in events will feature charity speakers, product making and spa taster sessions! Quite frankly they are the living the dream for any Lush lover.

I went along on Friday night for a preview of what people can expect from upcoming events.

There was the pick of the following taster treatments:

The Lush Sound Bath‘ Taster: A holistic use of tuning forks, used to bathe the body in sound, with a relaxing temple massage, to help evoke a state of meditation and deep relaxation.

The Comforter‘ Taster: A stunning hand and arm massage, using a warm rose serum, packed full of argan oil, to pamper your skin.

Tales Of Bath‘ Taster: A seated shoulder massage (over clothes) and scalp massage designed to help step the mind down.

I have previously had the joy of the full ‘Comforter’ experience but was more than happy to start off my night with this treatment, getting pampered in the dusky pink lit room it was easy to forget the busy streets outside.

I also got to try out the ‘Sound Bath’ taster which delighted me as tuning forks were intriguing and wow it really zoned me out in the best possible way.

All Lush Spa treatments are suitable for or can be tailored for vegan clients so you have your pick of all 11 treatments – I don’t want to give away any surprises but trust me these treatments are far from standard and each feature a bespoke soundtrack.

Lush have 7 spas across the UK so I highly recommend treating yourself to a visit and is it ever to early to start making a Christmas wish list?

In between treatments I sat at the beautiful dining table in the spa munching on vegan shortbread, unlike most spas Lush has said no to clinical white waiting rooms and chosen to create a cozy cottage vibe to lounge in instead.

As well as taking advantage of shopping without the usual queues, I also got messy making my very own Butterball Bath Bomb which was super fun!

If you don’t already, make you sure you follow your local Lush on social media to keep up with local events and product making – I know the Glasgow stores regularly do product making in return for purchasing a charity pot – win/win!

I will be visiting Edinburgh again soon for Fringe Festivities so make sure to follow me on Instagram as I’ll be sure to post all the fun on my stories!

I’d love to hear your Fringe and Edinburgh foodie recommendations so please feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message on Instagram.

Big Loves,

Gems x

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