VIP Pizza Party at Romans Pizzeria

Bloggers who Brunch teamed up with Romans Pizzeria to throw a VIP event and wow what a fun (and delicious) day!

I launched Bloggers who Brunch Glasgow to bring together blogging babes in Glasgow under the mantra #lessbitchingmorebrunching to create a supportive community and exciting collaborations.

On Sunday my blogging babes were joined by local companies and press to pack out the restaurant for this exclusive event.

As anyone who follows my blog or Instagram will know, I love pizza so this event really was a dream to organise.

On arrival my girls were treated to goodie bags but the traditional bag was replaced with pizza boxes spray painted with their Instagram handles, inside were restaurant vouchers and a super comfy hoodie.


The drinks soon started to flow from the free bar from espresso martinis, mocktails but the most popular seemed to be the Aperol Spritz as they can be seen in nearly every photo.

Then came the tough choice of what to order but thankfully I wasn’t the token vegan so we ordered a few dishes to share.

While people waited on their orders, there was an amazing magician going round the tables getting laughs, claps and shrieks of “but, how?!?!”.


They have two vegan pizzas on the menu but some others could easily be made vegan by swapping to vegan cheese, their cheese actually melts FYI!

We chose the pizza topped with cheese, mushrooms, onions and vegan smoked chicken garnished with tomatoes, rocket and gherkins.  I already loved this pizza as gherkins are always a winner in my books and it tastes really fresh with mix of hot and cold toppings.


We also had the vegan smoked chicken with rigatoni pasta served in a Napoli sauce with onions, mushrooms and spinach – several of the same ingredients as the pizza but completely different taste.

We also shared spaghetti in a creamy carbonara style sauce with onions, asparagus and a generous amount of vegan bacon – this was definitely something you could serve up to a meat eater without them feeling like they were missing out.

Then onto dessert for another how can this be vegan dish! We tucked into warm sugary calzones filled with a hot Nutella style spread served with more chocolate for dipping and vegan ice cream.

Despite being absolutely stuffed we still couldn’t resist posing with giant inflatable pizza slices before heading home to put our new hoodies on!

If you fancy trying out the menu for yourself then why not take advantage of the £5 lunch deal during the week! As well as lots of vegan options, they offer gluten free pizza and pasta too.

You can follow Romans Pizzeria on Instagram to keep up to date with offers and specials – vegan mac cheese pizza anyone?

You can also find me on Instagram serving up lots of food inspiration and cruelty free beauty finds too.

And finally if you are a blogger looking to join the most supportive community of blogging babes around then be sure to follow Bloggers who Brunch Glasgow.

Big Loves, Gems x


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