Absurd Bird Review

I was invited to Absurd Bird to give their vegan options a try… truth be told I’d been before and really enjoyed it so with more vegan friendly options now available I was more than happy to go again.

Absurd Bird has a country music theme with art of some of the biggest stars hung proudly on the wall and music playing. At the back of the restaurant there is a corner of neon and who doesn’t love a neon sign?

The drinks menu is pretty darn extensive with booze spiked shakes but also an impressive selection of mocktails too. If you want to go with the country theme you could give moonshine a try! On this trip I stuck with my usual gin but my sister had the Tennessee Waffle cocktail: JD, maple syrup, lemon juice and elderflower complete with waffle garnish.


I was disappointed when I realised the fried pickles weren’t highlighted as vegan friendly but our lovely waitress told me these can easily be veganised when ordering as they can use soya milk in batter mix and swap the dip.  Hallelujah.

We also ordered chicken tenders and both agreed these were super tasty. The tenders can be ordered as 3, 6 or 9 with a huge selection of dips.


For my main I ordered the buffalo chicken style burger which comes with buffalo sauce (duh), lettuce, tomatoes, tomato, pickled onions, carrot and celery slaw. I really enjoyed the sweetness of the slaw with the buffalo spice.


My sister ordered vegan waffles topped with chunky chicken style tenders served with peanut butter dressing and maple syrup. I will definitely be ordering these next time!

We just shared some fries as we were stuffed already to be honest from our starters but they do a side vegan mac and cheese too.

It turned out they have absolutely no vegan friendly desserts which is a pity for those with a sweet tooth but after our meal I was fit to burst anyways.

I really enjoyed my visit, the music and the service were both brilliant too so no doubt I’ll be back again.

If you are hungry for more food porn then be sure to check out my Instagram.

Big Loves,

Gems x

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