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Festive Sister Day

Every December my sister and I travel through to Edinburgh to wander round the Christmas markets, enjoy some lunch and take a trip to the theatre.

It has become one of my favourite Christmas traditions as I much prefer creating memories over presents, although we still buy each other a little something to open on Christmas Day too.

We used our Two Together railcard to buy our train tickets which gets a third off when you travel together, I’ve got another one with my husband because it’s only £30 for the year which we save on a single trip to London.


When we arrived in Edinburgh we only had a short time before lunch and the theatre but we had a wee wander round the Christmas market and a shot on the big wheel, another tradition we have added to our day in recent years.


I discovered a fully vegan food stall at the market called The Caravan of Courage. Despite going for lunch shortly we decided to share a portion of their crispy garlic potatoes topped with tahini and spring onions and I’m so glad we did as super tasty.


For lunch we went to Henderson’s which is definitely one of my favourite places to eat in Edinburgh. We ordered different dishes but just digged into both. We had veggie haggis served with root veg mash and a really delicious gravy. We also ordered a Buddha bowl which had squash, chickpeas and pickled red onions stirred through couscous, falafel and hummus. I really enjoyed both but was absolutely stuffed leaving no room for the pumpkin cheesecake I had spied. Sad times.


We then popped into a few shops while we made our way to the theatre, I just love all the creative window displays at Christmas.

This year we booked to see “An Edinburgh Christmas Carol” at The Lyceum Theatre. Rumour has it that Charles Dickens took inspiration for A Christmas Carol when he spotted the tombstone of Ebenezer Scroggie while visiting Edinburgh.

The show was so good and the theatre even snowed at the end.

Sadly when we left the theatre the weather had taken a turn for the worst so we decided just to head home but I’m heading back to Edinburgh next week so I will share more eats and festive fun soon.

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Big Christmas Hugs,

Gems x

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