Traditional Festive Favourites

Every supermarket is smashing it with their vegan product launches this year but there are plenty of traditional family favourites that are accidentally vegan too.

If you’ve been vegan for a while then you might already know a fair few of these accidentally vegan finds but if you’re just starting out then hopefully this helps to make your food shopping that little bit easier this Christmas.

Original Bisto gravy granules may taste meaty but they are actually vegan! And remember leftover gravy can be frozen into ice cube trays so zero waste, a great tip from recent guest post from Less Waste Laura.

Birds Custard Powder is dairy free when made with plant based milk and handy to have on standby to accompany any crumbles or mince pies. Oh and a trifle essential.

Hartleys Glitter Jelly contains no gelatin and gets bonus Christmas points for being glittery! Glittery champagne jelly anyone?!

If talk of custard and jelly has got you craving trifle then check out my recipe from Blogmas last year.

Jus Rol have made breakfast easy: Their Pan Au Chocolat, Croissants and Cinnamon Swirls are all surprisingly suitable for vegans!

You can find mince pies in every free from aisle but there are plenty of accidentally vegan ones too. If you are out and about then Greggs, Cafe Nero and Costa Coffee can sort you out with a mince pie fix.

Even a cheese board isn’t off limits as the VioLife cheeseboard is available from Holland and Barrett as well as most supermarkets. If these flavours aren’t for you then you could always create your own cheeseboard by picking up your dairy free faves.

Finally it wouldn’t be Christmas without a chocolate tin getting passed round but I’ll be sharing a full post on how to create your own vegan version.

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Big Christmas Hugs,

Gems x


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