New Norm Food Review

*NewNorm delivers home cooked meals so you can stock up the freezer with a selection of meals and snacks so you can have nutritious meal ready in minutes.

Initially when they got in touch I assumed they were just another company that encourages fad diets and crazy calorie restricted meals that ultimately create an unhealthy relationship with food but when I looked at the meals on offer they were the exactly the kind of things I like to cook at home.

When my diary is hectic it can be difficult to find the time to cook from scratch but processed convenience foods which are usually packed with additives, preservatives and flavourings are not ideal to fuel me with the energy I need during busy times so I decided to give NewNorm a try…

My parcel arrived with the majority of meals being frozen to keep meals fresh until I  needed it, everything was clearly labelled and came in biodegradable packaging too.

So what did I eat? Answer: A lot!


Day 1 

Breakfast – Apple and Walnut Granola

Lunch – Chunky Autumn Veg Soup

Dinner – Coconut Dhal

Snacks – Trail mix and a carrot cake energy bar

First thoughts – This was a brilliant day of eats as I honestly loved every meal! All I had to add was some “milk” to my granola and I served my dhal with some broccoli. You would never think these were microwave meals!


Day 2

Breakfast – Peanut Butter and Raspberry Bircher

Lunch – Sweetcorn Chowder

Dinner – “Meatball” Marinara

Snacks – Hot Chilli Peanuts and Coconut and Cacao Energy Ball

Again I enjoyed every meal especially the breakfast as it didn’t hold back on the peanut butter. I must admit that I thought the peanut portion size was a bit small but  it turns out I was eating much bigger portions of nuts than I actually needed, I’m definitely going to start measuring mine in the morning as I can easily pick at a big bag all day long.


Day 3

Breakfast – Immune Boosting Porridge

Lunch – Chilli Bean Soup

Diner – Shepherds Pie

Snacks – Tropical Mix and Hazelnut and Raisin Energy Bar

This breakfast was the only meal of the week that didn’t float my boat, it was nice but I much preferred the Bircher and the granola. The soup on the other hand was one of my faves of the week and it was super filling too.


As well as meals and snacks, each day had 3 loose leaf teas too; a green tea for the morning, a chai tea for the afternoon and a peppermint tea for before bed. I love my morning coffee and have no intention of giving it up! It was nice though having different teas for throughout the day to help me stay hydrated.

I really enjoyed my meals and would definitely recommend NewNorm to people struggling to find the time to cook healthy meals at home but also to those not sure how to get started with either vegan or healthy meals and of course to those who can’t cook/won’t cook!

You can follow my daily eats alongside cruelty free beauty and adventures on Instagram.

Big Loves,

Gems x

* My NewNorm meals were gifted for the purpose of this review but as always any opinions and grammar errors are all my own, pinky promise!

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