Crystal Clear with Jenny Sim

I am not one for New Years Resolutions as such but one thing I definitely wanted to do this year is take more me time!

So I am making a point of making monthly appointments, yes I know self care doesn’t have to be this indulgent but I thought it would be fun to try different treatments and by booking actual appointments there is the added benefit of being less likely to reschedule to a day that never comes.

January ended up being a big game of catch up after enjoying some much needed time off during Christmas, this just shows why I need to have scheduled self care!

Anyways, this month I tried something pretty unusual which was tailored to help me switch off, re-centre and reduce feelings of overwhelm so I could increase my productivity – sounds good, right?

I was invited by Jenny, who owns Crystal Clear with Jenny Sim, to experience a tailored crystal therapy treatment.

So what is crystal therapy? Basically a variety of specially selected crystals are placed on and around you. When the crystals are placed on your body they can be placed on areas of pain, acupuncture points or on the chakras.

I have loved crystals since I was little and had quite a collection so I was excited to give this treatment a try!

To begin the session I was asked to fill out a consultation form then we had a chat about what I wanted to gain from our time. As I mentioned earlier, I can get extremely busy with this blog, my Bloggers who Brunch Scotland events, random side projects and next week I will be starting a new 9-5 job so I have in all honesty felt a bit overwhelmed and definitely struggle to switch off.

Jenny selected the following crystals; Amethyst to relax my body and mind, Hematite for balancing, Citrine for energy, Tigers Eye for getting shit done and Rose Quartz for self love.

During the treatment you are fully clothed and you can cover your eyes with an eye mask if this helps you to relax, there is relaxing music playing throughout too.

Jenny started the treatment by encouraging me to take some nice deep breaths in a short almost guided meditation.

I was so surprised at how quickly I relaxed into treatment with my mind only wandering a few times throughout.

I felt a tingling sensation at one stage which Jenny later explained can be due to the vibration of energy, some people can experience a warmth on areas during treatment too.

The treatment lasted 45 minutes but felt like no time at all!

Afterwards we discussed how I felt and Jenny advised what could be beneficial for me going forward, for example using Amethyst to aid relaxation during my meditation practice at home.

This treatment and chatting to Jenny has totally made me fall in love with crystals again and want to learn more – Let me know if you give it try!

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Big Loves,

Gems x

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